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Best Short-Term Insurance Intermediary - South Africa

December 5, 2018

Source: Wealth & Money Management Awards 2018

Voorpos Short-Term Insurance Advisors is a short-term insurance intermediary, based in Limpopo, South Africa. Stefan Duvenage, Chief Executive Officer, provides us with an overview of the firm and the services it provides.

With more than 25 years of experience in the South African Insurance Industry, Voorpos Short-Term Insurance Advisor’s main focus areas include commercial, transport, agriculture and specialist short-term insurance.

Over the years, the brokerage has implemented key elements that have enabled them to consistently be successful in all aspects of the business. One of these are their ability to continuously innovate in terms of their insurance offerings, administrative systems, environmental best practices, and most importantly their on-point client service. Mr Duvenage explores how this has been achieved through collaboration.

“Investing in people, especially your employees, clients, suppliers and community is key to a flourishing organisation. Another imperative facet that has set us apart is that, even though we innovate, we have kept our customer-focussed roots at the heart of who we are – this is the foundation that has set us apart since 1991. The trust between Voorpos and its insurance partners, clients and employees are the basis for our innovative thinking, excellent customer service, as well as our dedicated and efficient high-quality work. Our employees are motivated to participate in innovation by developing new ideas, strategizing the formulation thereof, and then urged to be actively involved during implementation. Their input is acknowledged and valued every step of the way.”

Over the last few years Voorpos has expanded tremendously in terms of their staff count, insurers, product offerings, financial growth and client base. “Even though we are growing at a rapid pace, we still believe in personal one-on-one client service,” elaborates Mr Duvenage. “We try and meet each and every one of our clients in person to ensure that we comprehend their needs, challenges, industry and business.”

Overall, the insurance industry is continuously changing and staying abreast of these changes remain a challenge, as it does for any business. Technology is one of the biggest drivers of innovation, but it is imperative to remember the actions and strategy that brought about success in the first place. For Voorpos that means driving innovation. The brokerage is looking forward to implementing even more changes over the next few years, which will optimise workflow, production, client service and the Intermediary’s bottom-line. It will be challenging to drive this force of development and change, while the Intermediary wishes to maintain its family culture, but they embrace challenges that drives excellence.

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