Envirosure’s comprehensive policy covers the costs incurred through clean-up and rehabilitation should an environmental incident occur.

Our pollution and spillage cover for transporters and fuel retailers can be viewed here:

Transport Pollution & Spillage Cover

Fuel Retailers Pollution & Spillage Cover



The storage of chemicals and other potential pollutants present a unique set of environmental contamination risks. These can lead to financial penalties and legal action against operators and business owners.


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Envirosure’s On-Site Environmental Impairment (OSEI) covers environmental incidentsthat arise from any storage, including above ground tanks, warehousing and even storage in the yard.

Environmental incidents that relate to operation activities are also covered, including loading and offloading, decanting and manufacturing processes.

Examples of potential pollutants covered include:

Fuel products

Industrial and other chemicals

Herbicides and pesticides


Used oils

Edible oils


Waste and recycling products

Fertilisers and sewage effluent

Why it’s important

South Africa has some of the most complex environmental legislation in the world, constantly changing and moving its goals. These insurance solutions have become imperative for industries that store, supply, move or work with dangerous goods.

Did you know

1,371 Arrests were made by EMIs in 2014
2,849 Facilities were inspected


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Transport Pollution & Spillage Cover

Envirosure’s comprehensive policy covers the cost of contamination, clean-up and rehabilitation of environmental incidents that directly result from transportation of dangerous goods.

Compliance Assist

Compliance Assist supports transporters with their compliance requirements whilst transporting dangerous goods.

Key features of cover:

1 x FREE depot spill kit (valued at R2,000) and replacement absorbents for the kit annually

1 x Basic frontline spill response training annually

2 x Compliance training sessions annually by qualified specialists

24/7 Call centre helpline for all compliance queries

Driver licence management and reminders of when the PRDP-D is renewing

Driver solutions

All Envirosure policy holders receive a value added death benefit. In the unfortunate event that a driver passes away on duty, the Drivers Solutions cover will pay out R10,000.


HazCall 24 is a specialised call centre service that is available to all Envirosure policy holders at no extra cost.

Side Tank Cover

Side Tank Cover is a uniquely beneficial add-on product that is exclusively available to Envirosure policy holders. The side tank (self-powered) diesel spill clean-up costs are included in the cover.

In the event of an accident, and on many occasions, the diesel side tank is ruptured, thereby spilling its diesel into the environment. This type of spillage can range from 10 Litres to 1,000 Litres, often covering a large road surface. This can create an environmental disaster for the surrounding locations, which may result in large clean-up and disposal costs.

Our cover options include:

HazCall 24, a 24/7 call centre service

Clean-up costs

Disposal of waste material

Rehabilitation of the environment and road surface

Liability cover

Excess Solutions

Excess Solutions will reduce or eliminate the excess payable on a claim, thereby saving costs.

Key features of cover:

No excess payable for claims that occur within South Africa

Cross border excess is reduced to only R50,000 per claim

Load transfers are covered to prevent a claim

Cargo related drips, leaks and minor spillages are covered

Guaranteed response to all incidents by Spill Tech

*Terms & Conditions apply


Fuel Retailers Pollution & Spillage Cover

With extensive experience in the insurance industry, we understand that every fuel retailer and/or depot face a unique set of risks. That is why we tailor policies to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Our insurance solutions, specifically designed for the petroleum industry, take every aspect of a business into account.



Envirosure’s Underground Storage Tank (UST) cover is designed to protect owners and operators of USTs from extensive pollution and rehabilitation costs that result from environmental incidents. The cover includes clean-up costs for unforeseen and gradual pollution incidents, as well as access to HazCall 24, a 24-hour emergency call centre.

Furthermore, the policy meets the Department of Energy’s “Proof of Financial Provision for Rehabilitation” fuel retail license requirements.

Did you know

Claims of this nature can easily exceed R1-million.


Management of pollution and contamination risks are very important for business operations. Therefore, Envirosure’s On-Site Environmental Impairment (OSEI) insurance provides coverage for environmental incidents that emanate from the above ground storage of fuels and other depot risks.

The OSEI insurance will cover fuel depots and other similar facilities against pollution risks from above ground storage tanks, warehousing, loading and offloading, and yard storage, to mention a few. Access to HazCall 24, a 24-hour emergency call centre, is also included.

Did you know

The Department of Environmental Affairs may fine up to R10 million and/or 10 years in jail for non-compliance following an environmental spillage incident. NERSA can fine up to R2-million per day.