Envirosure’s comprehensive policy covers the costs incurred through clean-up and rehabilitation should an environmental incident occur.


The cover options include:

Transport Environmental Impairment Cover

On-site Impairment Cover

Underground Tank Cover

Hazcall 24

Side Tank Cover

Excess Solutions

Contingency Cover

Compliance Assist



Additional benefits:

Our partnership with Envirosure® ensures that our clients benefit from a complete environmental impairment insurance solution.

Envirosure’s Compliance Assist Includes:

1 x FREE Depot spill kit (valued at R2,000) and replacement absorbents for the kit annually

1 x Basic Frontline spill response training annually

2 x Compliance training sessions annually by qualified specialists

24/7 Call centre help line for all your compliance queries

All the above would normally cost a client upward of R20 000 a year

Read more about Envirosure® by visiting their website: www.envirosure.co.za