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Celebrating 25 years of service excellence

March 01, 2016


Voorpos revealed their new corporate identity during the company's 25th birthday celebration, which took place on 1 March 2016. Their new brand was developed to establish a more universal aesthetic to accommodate the company's monumental growth and development over the past quarter century. "We hope that the new look-and-feel will translate across the broad spectrum of industries we serve and give our clients the assurance that we are an innovative and established short-term insurance brokerage," says Stefan Duvenage, chief executive officer of Voorpos. "The logo, which depicts a trophy Kudu bull's horns, are transferred from our previous logo and reflects our unchanged brand promise of service excellence."

Voorpos is a family owned and run business that was established in 1991 by Stefan and Kobie Duvenage. With an enduring commitment to build the company's foundation on their clients' needs and expectations; Voorpos quickly grew to become the preferred financial service provider in and around Limpopo. Now offering a vast array of insurance solutions, services and value-added products to multiple sectors; the company's customer-focussed roots remain unchanged: "Do it right the first time".

The release of Voorpos' new logo and website marks a significant milestone. It embodies the recent process of change within the company and illustrates their vision and ambition for the future. Stefan and Kobie's three sons, Ivan (financial manager), Jaun and Melvin (financial advisors), followed in their parents' footsteps and have already made a name for themselves in the insurance industry. The new brand is symbolic of the new generation that already manage the company with their parents.

"Our sons bring unique ideas, perspectives and strategies, which result in innovation and further growth. Consequently we have been able to integrate our products and offer holistic insurance solutions to our clients," explains Voorpos' chief financial officer, Kobie Duvenage. "As a family-owned business our approach is inimitable, because we care about our clients and work together as a team to offer only the best and most cost-effective solutions on the market."

With access to a number of bespoke insurance policies, Voorpos provides assistance from qualified personnel that are dedicated and focused on offering excellent client service. "Our valued and long- standing relationships with all general insurers, which is built on integrity and a high level of professionalism, enable us to deliver top-tier insurance solutions to all our clients," Stefan proudly explains. "We would not have achieved such great success without our employees, customers and insurers. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication over the past 25 years. We hope to protect your interests for another quarter century."